Hello šŸ˜„ I started this blog as an effort to document how I cook things because I often have people ask my recipe for something, and I’d like to be able to pass my recipes on. One year later, it’s become one of my favorite hobbies. This blog is not meant to be a showcase of dazzling food photography or gourmet recipes. It’s simply a reflection of what goes on in my kitchen and my love for food. I have a husband a two boys to feed, so I try to keep my recipes fairly pocketbook friendly.

Also, I am aware I’m no longer blonde. That was many moons ago, before I became a mom of two kids and barely had time to fold the laundry, much less make it to the salon every six weeks. I can picture it now… Me reading my Cosmo magazine, laughing it up with my hairdresser about the previous weekend’s shenanigans, saying “Go ahead with the 20 minute deep conditioner! I’ve got time!” Ha! What a hilarious joke that is. So now I’m au naturel and feel thankful I’m able to cook a decent meal for my family every now and then and post about it here. Besides, the “Blondes have more fun” thing is really just a state of mind, and I definitely haven’t lost that! šŸ˜„

Also, please check out my Etsy store TexasSugarPie for cute knits!


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  1. Just wanted to thank you for your no peel tomato salsa recipe. I made 4 gallons last night using red peppers and it turned out AMAZING! It was super hard to find a good recipe for that large quantity and yours was just perfect!
    All the best,
    Michelle from CT

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